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Processing And Storage Of Employee Personal Data

Maintenance and processing of personal data

Personal data are virtually any physical information. So if your organization works with people you collect information in one way or another, this instruction will be useful to you. It will address the following aspects: obtaining consent to processing, notifying the subject of personal data processing data, notifying the Roskundsor, transborder transmission of data, the need to store personal data in Russia and organizational requirements for the operator. So get patience.


Personal data legislation in Russia is immorphine, which is more vague than it is known. In addition to " immorphism " , legislation still introduces complex and labour-intensive personal data algorithms, which automatically makes it more difficult to comply with and the instruction more extensive.


As a general rule, if you process (e.g. keep citizens ' communications) it is always better for a person to agree to process his personal data. An indicative form of such consent can be found by reference.

Of course, there is sometimes no human consent in the work of human rights organizations. For example, kidnapping or torture of a prisoner. There are a number of exceptions to the law that allow for the processing of personal data without consent. It is therefore important to understand, when dealing with such applications, what category of exemptions they may become (in case the Roskinadsor comes to you after the publications. But there are a few of them:

If the processing of personal data is necessary to protect the life, health or other vital interests of the subject of personal data, and if the consent of the subject of personal data cannot be obtained. Once the threat to life or health ceases, processing must be stopped. It is not clear, however, that when the Roscundsor considers the threat to be terminated, for example, in complaints of torture in SIZO. It is clear that, for a short time, this exception will allow personal data to be worked, but if there is a prospect of long-term handling, it would be better to accept.

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