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Data Storage Cloud Disk Data Storage Cloud Disk

Normalfilesare suitable for data synchronization in the annexes. Too many problems with data content have to be addressed by the authors themselves. So today we re opening up all the desired dataSync API technology that the Yandex.Diska team has developed for its own Yandex service. It allows synchronization of the structured data between the cloud repository and devices. API uses the Yandex login, which has almost every Internet user in Russia and many in other countries. DataSync is multiplied and not tied only to Android or iOS. We re really happy, because three years ago…

How To Select Data Storage Clouds How To Select Data Storage Clouds

In this article, we will briefly tell what the difference between cloud VPS and classic VPS. It ll help you decide what to use. If you have questions after reading, we d be happy to answer the comments. If you can t leave comments on Habre, you can ask a question in our community. The difference between cloud and classic VPS VPS is purchased for a certain period (e.g. month or year) and in the cloud, you pay for the resources used by servers depending on their consumption. Common VPS is a new generations virtual servers that can address equally well both simple and most responsible…

Data Storage Area Data Storage Area

The necessary storage resources are provided in the wet area, which will save the purchase, installation and support of IT equipment and specialized software. The protection of data from unauthorized access - information security and access-restriction tools built into the cloud architecture, as well as the organizational arrangements and operating regulations of Anlanta, provide the highest level of security of data stored in the disc area. The rapid access to disk space is ensured by decisions of the IBM, Hitachi and Netapp large-scale storage infrastructure components of…