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Computer system composition and operation
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1. Computer is--

  1. Electronic computing device for the processing of chiel;
  2. any type of information storage device;
  3. Multifunctional electronic device for handling information;
  4. analog signal processing device.

2. The production of a computer (transactions) depends on:

  1. the size of the monitor;
  2. Processor tactical frequency;
  3. Nutritional voltage;
  4. Rapid pressure on keyboards;
  5. volume of information processed.

3. The tactical frequency of the processor is:

  1. Number of dual operations by processor per unit of time;
  2. The number of tats performed by the processor per unit of time;
  3. The number of possible applications of the processor to operational memory per unit of time;
  4. The rate of exchange of information between the processor and the input/reset device;
  5. Information exchange rate between processor and ELV.

4. The moleculator is a device:

  1. Introduction of information;
  2. Modulation and demoduction;
  3. Reading of information;
  4. to connect the printer to the computer.

5. The permanent memory device shall be used for:

  1. storage of a user programme during work;
  2. recordings of particularly valuable applications;
  3. Maintain ongoing programmes;
  4. Maintenance of initial computer downloading programmes and testing of its nodes;
  5. keeping particularly valuable documents at all times.

6. For long-term storage Information shall:

  1. Operational memory;
  2. Processor;
  3. magnetic disk;
  4. disk drive.

7. The storage of information on external media differs from the storage of information in operational memory:

  1. That information on the outside can be stored after the computer has been disconnected;
  2. storage of information;
  3. The possibility of protecting information;
  4. How to access stored information.

8. During the application, the following are stored:

  1. videotapes;
  2. in the processor;
  3. in operational memory;
  4. in the OTL.

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