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Information storage, search and sorting technology
Технология хранения, поиска и сортировки информации — урок
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Once the computing machines were used to process economic information, the developers found that each programme (or programme set) is developing a data structure that optimizes the computing process (implementing it faster, using less memory, etc.). It was very soon found that this was uncomfortable, as the same data had to be duplicated (and even repeated) by remembering the car because of the need to provide the same data in different structures. For example, staff information required by the Personnel and Accounts Division is almost the same. But it's processed naturally in different algorithms. Therefore, it would be good in each system to have a data structure tailored to the characteristics of the staff or accountant from one database, where data are presented on the basis of the characteristics of the programmes.
The database (OBD) is a combination of interlinked data stored in the external memory of the computer, organized according to certain rules, which provide general principles for the description, storage and processing of data.
The information stored in the OBD is generally relevant to a certain subject area. For example:
- The OBD library book fund;

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