Data Storage

Data Storage Structure

Data storage models and methods
Безопасный способ обмена и хранения данных с использованием

As a result of the development of this chapter ' s materials, students should:

know what to know.

- Classification of data storage and search models and techniques;

- the basic design and operation of banks and databases, their designation and functions;

- the basis for the development and operation of information and search systems;

- the basis of databases;

To learn

- to work with information in information and search systems;

- Work in database management systems;

- working with information in global computer networks and corporate information systems;

- Collect, analyse and process the data needed to meet the economic targets;

- Collect the necessary data using domestic and foreign sources of information, analyse them and prepare an information review and (or) analytical report;

- Use modern technology and information technology to address analytical and research challenges;

Basic methods, methods and means of obtaining, storing, processing information, ability to work with a computer as a tool for information management, ability to work with information in global computer networks;

- Business information techniques and software, the ability to interact with information technology services and the effective use of corporate information systems;

- Database and database management skills;

- information skills in search systems.

Models and Data storage methods

In both the economy and elsewhere, there are objects that need to be stored, all of which are linked in a variety of ways. For the data storage area to be considered as a base. ♪ ♪

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