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Облачный архив 1СBe sure to keep your data safe.

Archives 1C, a service that enables users to secure and protect data through cloud technology.

Users no longer need to be reminded of the backup and storage sites that have been created, and the services of the cloud archives will take full care.

The data protection service in 1C is now not a myth, but a reality available to registered users of the 1C: ITL, who seek to use cloud technology.

Advantages of the use of Archives 1C:

  • Flexibility

    The service allows any convenient schedule for backup (Bap 1C). You're the one who's asking the number of stored backbones of information bases 1C.

  • Accessibility

    Any time and any device connected to the Internet may be available to your backup repository.

  • Security

    The use of cloud-based technologies makes it possible to forget the need to diagnose the removable carriers for which bases 1C are being used. Equipment and software are regularly diagnosed in the cloud centre of 1C.

  • Data protection

    The Good Archives Service itself monitors the successful completion of the repository databases

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