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The " Optimized Warehouse " function in the macOS Sierra can vacate the site by sending the contents to storage in clouds and loaded on demand. Where space in the storage facility, files, photographs, films, e-mail investments and other rarely used files are required to be automatically stored in the clouds. Each file remains in a position at the time of last storage and is downloaded when you open it. Mac's computer keeps the files that were recently used, as well as the optimised photographs.

In order to begin, select the " This Mac " in the menu of Apple (.), then lick the " Warehouse " . You will see a review of the free space and location of the various categories of files, including programmes, documents and photographs:

Press the control button to see recommendations for optimizing the storage facility. Fewer parameters would be provided if some were already included.

Окно «Управление хранилищем» программы «Сведения о системе»

ICloud storage

Press the iCloud button, then select one of these options:

  • Files from the ICloud Drive. Keeping all the files from these two files on iCloud Drive. When a place is to be released, Mac's computer has only recently used files on it, so you'll have no problem working without Internet connection. With the files that are stored only in the cloud, the loading badge is displayed twice, which can be downloaded. Details.
  • ICloud photos and videos. All original photographs and full-resolution videos are stored in the iCloud Mediatec. When the site is to be vacated, only optimised versions of photographs that occupy little space remain on Mac's computer. To download the original picture, just open it.

The storage capacity in iCloud is the storage capacity in the current iCloud subscription. If you need a larger volume of iCloud repository, it can be purchased from 50 GB for $0,99 per month directly with the Apple device. Details of the tariffs for your region.

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