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Lesson 3: how the computer works

Жесткий диск (накопитель данных) хранит программы и данныеAnd the computer text looks like:

Man sees the text:

The computer sees again the “0” and “1”:

0100 1001 0101 0100 0010 1101 0111 0101
0111 0010 0110 1111 0110 1011 0110 1001
0010 1110 0111 0010 0111 0101

Today, we will not understand the subtle of computation and transformation, and we will look at the process in general.

Where information is stored

When the information is stored in a computer (recorded), it is stored on a special device, a data repository. Usually the data reservoir is a (vinchester).

The hard drive is called the device because of the design. There is one or more solid pancakes (metal or glass) inside his body where all data (text documents, photographs, films, etc.) are stored. and established programmes (Operation system, applications like Word, Excel, etc.).

The information on the hard drive is stored after the computer's out.

To process all the information on the computer.

Процессор – обрабатывает информациюThe main purpose of the computer is to process information, i.e. to perform the calculations. This is a complex microschem with hundreds of millions of elements (transistors).

What the programme is saying at this point of time is what data need to be processed and what needs to be done.

Programmes and data are downloaded from the storage device(s).

But a hard drive is a relatively slow device, and if the processor waited for the information to be read and then recorded after processing, it would have stayed long.

Схема обработки данныхDon't leave the processor out of business.

Thus, between the processor and the rigid disk, a quicker memorial device was installed - (operative memorial device, OES). It's a small printed fee on which rapid microschems of memory are located.

In the operational memory, all necessary programmes and data are counted in advance with the hard drive. During the course of the work, the processor refers to operational memory, counts the programme teams, which indicate what data should be collected and how to process them.

When the computer is switched off, the contents of the operational memory are not retained (as opposed to the hard drive).

Processing of information

So now we know what devices are involved in the processing of information. Let's see the whole computation process now.

When the computer is off, all the programs and data are stored on a hard drive. When the computer is switched on and the program is launched, the following is happening:

2. The processor alternates the programme team by processing the data from operational memory.

Анимация процесса обработки информации компьютером ( Как работает компьютер (IT-уроки) Так мы видим изображение Ввод, обработка и вывод данных

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