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Who's gonna keep data on the purchase or payment of services in the form of an electronic check?

The cheques are stored both in the tax authorities and in the cash register. The buyer will be able to find his cheque by the appropriate service on the official website of the Russian Federation or by using a free mobile application. What matters is new technology Gives a citizen additional protection of his rights as a consumer, not only by the possibility of obtaining an electronic check, but also by himself and herself to check the legality of the cash cheque through an appropriate mobile application and, if questions arise, to file a complaint with the Russian Federation.

Will the requirements for the FSA change? Will new mandatory requisitions come?

The Federal Act provides for the expansion of the directives for strict reporting forms, as well as for the establishment of monitoring equipment, which is an automated system for strict reporting forms under article 1.1 of Federal Act No. 54-FZ. At the present time, a draft order of the Russian Federation ' s FNS, " Confirmation of the formats of the fiscal documents " , has been posted on the site of the regulation, in which a list of the necessary requisitions for the strict reporting forms is named. Such changes would be binding, with a number of services exempted from the mandatory use of cash machines.

How fast can one Fisk Data Operator be switched to another?

The procedure for switching from one data operator to another involves the re-registration of control equipment. To that end, it was necessary to conclude a contract with the operator and re-register the cash machine would be available in a private office without leaving the house or office in 10 minutes.

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