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Seagate: no one uses ssd-cops to store data

SSD разработки SeagateThe attitude of hard drive manufacturers towards hard-core reservoirs is not a secret: both Seagate and Western Digital have always argued that such devices can serve only certain market niches but cannot compete with hard drives. Executive Director Seagate went further: he said no one uses SSD as a Data storage devices

Solid reservoirs are now used in various customer personal computers. Many laptops use SSD as major data reservoirs, productive desktop PCs use solid storage devices as PP loaders and frequently used programmes. While it is quite clear that many types of computers have already completely converted to SSD, such as superton laptops, the Executive Director of Seagate continues to argue that NAND-based reservoirs are not used to store data.

SSD Seagate

" There is no one who would use SSD to store data " , Steve Luczo said, Executive Director Seagate, teleconference with investors and financial analysts. " I mean, maybe [SSD] is marginally used to replace load disk [operational system] ... I mean, maybe one or three per cent of the reservoir hierarchy of [data processing centres]. Most of our products are not used on data storage tyres [NAND Flash-Manage]; this is rapid memory. "

It is widely known that desktop PCs use hard-core reservoirs primarily as drives to launch the operating system and frequently used applications, while large multimedia files are stored on hard drives. In data processing centres, solid reservoirs are used for the storage of " carcasing " data, which is largely a resemblance of kettle technology.

SSD разработки Seagate Общиё объём рынка HDD c 2010 по 2015 годы

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