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Восстановление данных в Могилеве | Ремонт HDD / USB-FLASH / SSD

Affiliated person is a company owned by Google.


The annex data cushion is the repository of information on the user device. For example, the web application can operate without Internet connection. In addition, the cushes speed up the application by ensuring a faster loading of the content.

Web data store in the browser

The web data store in the browser allows websites to store data on the user device. When used in the local repository, data are retained even after the session (after the browser is closed). This applies to HTML5.

cookie and similar technologies

The cookie file is a small file that contains a line of symbols and goes to your computer when you come on a page. The website, with its help, will identify the browser when you're back in. Such files are used for different purposes, for example, to memorize your designs. Users may prohibit the browser from keeping the cookie files or including notifications. However, this sometimes leads to poor websites and services. On other platforms where cookie files cannot be used, special technologies such as an advertisement identifier on Android mobile devices have been implemented to perform similar functions. Details on how Google uses cookie files and similar data from partners. ♪ ♪


The device is a computer used to access Google services. It could be a regular PC, a planchette or a smartphone.

Google account

Access to some of our services requires a Google account. Personal information (usually the name, e-mail address and password) should be provided when it is established. These data will be used for authentication in access to Google services and protection against unauthorized access. You can always change or remove your Google account.

Reference HTTP

When you cross the reference to the target page, she gets the URL on the home page. That's the reference HTTP.

IP address

Every device on the Internet has a number called IP address. Such numbers are usually assigned by geographical clusters, so IP addresses often determine where device connected to the Internet.

Personal information not to identify user

These are user information, recorded and grouped in a way that does not include specific people.

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