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Innopolis University
Intel и ASUS улучшат облачные системы хранения данных

The Innopolis University College of cloud systems and virtualization of services is engaged in research on cloud storage technologies, aimed at establishing reliable, accessible and high-productivity data storage systems with a view to their further commercial use.

The need for storage systems of this type has become apparent in view of the rapidly growing data generated by users and the inability to fully meet the needs of users and businesses. For information, according to IBM statistics for 2014, around 15 new information is generated daily worldwide and the total number of digital data is doubled around every two years. Against this background, the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation has announced a competition for the development of a new generation of cloud technologies that the University of Innopolis has won.

The head of the laboratory is the Rector of the University, Tormasov A.G., and under its inception over 30 people work in the laboratory. The scientific and applied research conducted in the laboratory draws on the years of experience of university professors and the experience of domestic market leaders: Acronis, Odin et al.

In their work, laboratory staff face the main problems of distributed data storage, namely, the scale of systems, data coherence, accessibility and sustainability.

In the same way, the laboratory ' s research applications identify new research areas in the area of distributed data storage, such as simulation modelling of supermost systems, analysis and choice of ATS-teorem compromises, etc.

In addition, laboratory staff are also working on applications, such as optimizing existing data storage and processing technologies, optimizing data protection technologies against loss. We also face a wide-ranging challenge of achieving indicators that are significantly higher than those presented in the market.

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