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What network data storage system?

NAS secures data storage, easy access for many users and easy administration

How can files be moved to a special storage system when computing a hard drive, from which, for example, the rest of your family could access information from PK and various mobile devices?

PK users may have problems today, such as having different operating systems at home, which may make it difficult to transmit data, limited memory of devices, etc. A possible solution could be to create a home server like NAS. Data storage devicethe Guardian.

NAS secures data storage, easy access for many users and easy administration. NAS is connected directly to the Wi-Fi router, not to the PC. When you buy NAS, you pay for the box, processor, memory, disk controllers and software. One, two or four separate hard drives, depending on which storage capacity the user needs.

Asus Home Server is the most famous of these devices, which, by the way, is not usually recommended for several reasons. First, Microsoft announced that Home Server 2011 would be the last version of the device. Secondly, some of the features that were taken by users were eliminated by the company.

What about RAID?

Long ago, the meinfreym and mini-EVM used very large and expensive hard drives. However, they were replaced by small, low-cost hard drives for personal computers. It was not enough that these cheap disks were relatively unreliable. Grave failures and data losses have caused major problems, and it has been decided to mirror the data between disk vapours or to transmit the data through several disks. It's doubled the size of memory, but it didn't really matter, because it was cheap. As a result, we're dealing with RAID, an excessive pool of independent disks. However, RAID is hardly suitable for domestic use.

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