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What is so cold and why it has become necessary

КРОКSecuring data - The task that each organization has to face. Problems arise when the volume of information increases and the requirements for its protection. Modern data storage systems are complex software and hardware, each of which is specially designed for a particular customer.

What exactly do companies need to do to make the best of information? Focusing on a high-technology market is a difficult but solved challenge. Let's get this straight.

The data storage system (CDS) is a software conglomerate and specialized equipment designed to store and transmit large amounts of information. The specificity of the CCM is the optimal allocation of resources in the storage of information on disk spaces

The need for CCM arose when the wealth of stored and transmitted information exceeded all the thought limits at that time. According to TAdviser, since 2010, stored information increases by about 50 per cent of its original volume each year. The cost of the information is increasing, as it is directly dependent on all business processes. TAdviser notes that in Russia, 22.3 per cent of data storage systems were increased in the third quarter of 2014, while the cost of CCDs in the Russian market exceeded $114 and 38 million.

Reliable data storage and rapid access require storage facilities as a separate subsystem of computing complexes. The subsystem should be well designed and implemented to enable the recovery of lost data.

Application of CCDD

Data storage systems are now commonly used, ranging from storage of video surveillance archives in stores to information management in government structures, banks and large enterprises. Some examples of the recent organization of modern multi-level SCBs include agro-industrial projects, Razguliya, Bank Houm Credith, Riffysenbank, Megaphone Telecommunications.

Data storage systems developers

The most prominent in the market are those who have extensive partnerships and service networks around the world, investing in the creation and marketing of new products with billions of turnovers in the CCB sector. These are known and respected brands like Dell, EMC, Fujitsu, Hitachi, HP, Violin, Symantec, NetApp, Oracle. They control about 80% of the market.

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