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Data Processing And Storage System

Система обработки и нотификация ФСБ

Reliable data processing and storage systems proposed by the companyINFORMSY HOLDING is now one of the key parts of the IT infrastructure that guarantee the protection of vital information from enterprises and provide effective management mechanisms for large information.

INFORMS HOLDING develops and implements integrated solutions for the establishment of data storage and processing systems based on the products of the lead producers of the data storage network: EMC, IBM, Dell, HP, Cisco and others. The company has gained experience in the implementation of disastrous spatial and reserve centres, which also include all necessary infrastructure, engineering and information.

System-related INFOCUS data storage and processing Ensure that:

  • High data availability and malfunction protection
  • Organization of effective reservation/archiving of corporate data
  • Central management and increased storage resources
  • Data sharing

The role and importance of the storage system is determined by the ever-increasing value of information in modern society, the ability to access and manage data is a prerequisite for business processes. Unrecoverable data loss puts business at serious risk. Loss in computing resources can be restored and lost data, without a well-designed and implemented reserve system, are no longer recoverable. The data storage system consists of two main components:

  • Data storage facilities - disk and ribbons
  • Server access infrastructure for data storage

Depending on the option of access to storage devices, the data storage system shall be divided into three types:

  • SAS (Server Attached Sto) - storage device, connected directly to the server
  • NAS (Network Attached Storage) - storage device connected to local area network
  • SAN (Storage Area Network) - data storage network

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