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Data processing and storage: from ancient to zodes
The way information was stored and disseminated through centuries continues to be a literal issue of life and death: from tribal survival and the preservation of traditional medicine prescriptions to the survival of species and the processing of complex climatic models.
Look at the picture. She's showing evolution. Data storage devicesand the scale is really impressive. However, this picture is far from perfect - it covers several decades of history of mankind already living in an information society. However, data have been accumulated, broadcasted and stored since the history of mankind. First, it was an ordinary human memory, and in the short future we are already waiting for data storage in holographic layers and quantum systems. Habre has been written on several occasions about the history of magnetic reservoirs, perphocartas and house size disks. But there has never been a journey at the very beginning when there was no iron technology and data, but there were biological and social systems that have learned to accumulate, preserve, transmit information. Let's try to make a history of one post today.

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