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Database Storage Structure 1C

How do you look at the structure of the database tables?
Структура хранения таблиц базы данных

Main for starters, learn to program.

The function is used Receive the Guardianship of Bazan♪ It returns information on the structure of the database tables of all configurations (as a table of values).

If a storage structure is needed not for the entire base but only for certain facilities, either the configuration itself or their names (as a mass) can be transferred as a parameter.

For example:

Massiv Metadata = New Massive; Massive Name Metadata. Massivian Metadata. Add the document. Structured = Receive the Bazinian Guard (Massiv-Metada)

Structured = Receive the Bazinian Guard (Massiv-Metada)


The information received is intended for administrative services database and analysis of the records of the technology magazine.

It is not recommended that it be used for any part of the application.

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