Data Storage

1C Stored Data In Maquila

Data exchange from 1st 8th version
Хранение данных в макете

Data exchange from 1C 8 is divided into 2 parts:

  • manual and automatic import of goods from 1C;
  • automatic export of orders from the site;

Russian imports from 1C8 (CommerceML 2.03 and above) are essentially similar to imports from the previous version.

In the 1C itself, the item " Service " , " Web data exchange " , should be selected. Create the building through the " Web-based data exchange building " .

It should be pointed out in the construction that this would be " unloading of goods " (providing the required box) as well as the type of data interchange: " Marketing in the catalogue " .

In this exchange, you will receive 2 xml file:

Also, if you use the images of the goods (if there is a tie in 1C in the exchange structures in the " Retrieval of goods " : " Carry out pictures " ): a folder with import_files files.

Further, in the NetCat management system in the modular management lounge, " Model management " , " Intranet store " , " TradeML data importation " , you follow the form of importation, downstream of import.xml and then offer.xml. When the import.xml file is downloaded, don't forget if you have a folder of import_files to place it on the /netcat/tmp/ and choose in the field.

The only import requirement is that the file must be downloaded from 1C in the UTF-8 code. In the menu of import, the field of the Schematic Version is added. In normal situations, the meaning of this field of auto-definition should remain. If, for any reason, the system cannot recognize the import file, the 1C version should be clearly indicated.

Automatic downloading of goods on the site is similarly manual in 1C. But there is another type to be identified in the window with the exchange designs: " Load on the site " .

In the field of the Andres site, follow the path:

In the user field, the SECRET_NAME module needs to be built. If you don't have this setup, put in some logic, like netcat, and keep the construction. Introduce a similar logic in 1C in the form of exchange in the user field.

The SECRET_KEY module should be built into the Parallel field. This field must be filled with default.

Attention! Automatic imports of goods are only possible after you first process the manual nomenclature!

Attention! If you create new sections in 1C, they will not be posted on the site until you download the data through the website, as indicated in the First Processing of Nomenclature 1C.

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