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Not against overseas processing of personal data

Amendments to the Personal Data Act require that, as of 1 September 2015, the personal data of Russians be stored and processed in Russia

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If the company stores the personal data of the Russian base, it may use a copy of the database abroad, the Ministry of Communications explains the amendments to the Personal Data Act (at the Offices). If the organization complies with the requirements of the cross-border transmission of data that it has collected in Russia into the so-called primary database, it may transfer them abroad to the secondary database and then use it to use it for the purposes of the database. backup data and other services, they say.

Amendments to the Personal Data Act require that the personal data of Russians be stored and processed as of 1 September 2015. The law considers all Russian citizens ' personal data that they use when registering on sites, buying online, etc.

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286 billion roubles could be used to compute Russia ' s loss of processing of personal data within the country, as described in the European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE) analytical note.

The amendments do not oblige companies to transmit data exclusively to bases in the territory of Russia, as was first misunderstood by business, as is said by the lawyer of the Russian Electronic Communications Association (RAEC) Maxim Bujanov. The collection, storage and refinement of personal data will be necessary in Russian bases, but their cross-border transmission is not prohibited, it certifies. He said that it was sufficient to ensure that in that State personal data were adequately protected and that country had signed a Council of Europe convention on the protection of personal data (not signed by the United States and China, for example). Manipulations with a foreign database can only be carried out after similar procedures in the Russian Federation, clarifies Buyanov. This view was expressed by RAC, according to him, following meetings with the Roskundsor.

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