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ЕГАИС и как законно продавать алкоголь?
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How, in accordance with the law, correct a technical error: a contract for the purchase and sale of forest land in a lease? The erroneous document should be translated into deleted status, explaining why this action is being implemented. Further reintroduce the document to the relevant section of the EGIS for wood accounting and transactions.
How and within what time frame do you have to report the termination of contracts (rents, sale)? The treaty may be terminated by agreement of the parties or by court decision. Once it's signed, it's necessary to press the button "React." The present mortgage selects the type of reason - annulment - and the description describes the reason with the requisition of the document confirming the termination of the contract. Once these data are retained, they'll go to the History and then the contract is signed again.
As in date Report on the State registration of leases? State registration of leases shall be made as soon as it is completed. If registration is made after the lease has been signed, the document must be pressed to read. The present paper selects the type of reason, the other, and the reason for the description is that the State registers the document (date and number). Once these data are retained, they will be left in the History, and once the requisitions are made, the contract is signed again.
How, in accordance with the law, correct the technical error: the incorrect volume of the cube (which was declared or provided for in the contract)? Would such a correction be considered to be incorrect under administrative law? Any errors in the data entered into and transactions with wood in the EGIS are in the area of responsibility of the signatory. To rectify any technical error after entering the signed record of the document, it is necessary to press the button "Readact." The presentation selects the type of reason and describes the reasons behind the technical error. Once it's preserved, it'll be in the story. ♪ ♪
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