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Three new ibm data storage systems based on ibm flashsystem

Colleague, our company is presenting three new IBM FlashSystem data storage systems. In the first place, these systems are designed for business, medium and large, as well as cloud providers. The new systems significantly increase productivity and reduce the burden on virtual machines, which is often very useful.

Three new hard-wall models are IBM FlashSystemA9000, IBM FlashSystemA9000R and DS888888. The first two models, IBM FlashSystemA9000 and IBM FlashSystemA9000R, are designed for cloud service providers. They are recommended to be used for the rapid and effective deployment of hyper-scale private clouds. With regard to the third model, DS888888, this is a corporate system for the storage of data from z-Systems (detail here) and IBM PowerSystems servers from the Unix. Update line data storage systems I was prepared with Sandisk.
Thanks to high productivity and reliability, these hard-walls will help ensure the smooth operation of critical business applications, as well as " docks " and cloud applications. The flash technology that's built all of this reduces time with BigData.

IBM FlashSystem A9000 and A9000R

Start with the model. IBM FlashSystemA9000♪ This decision is completely configured from boxes. The system operates in a wide range of cloud environments, including real-time compression by removing intermediate phases, such as templates and decals. The model configuration includes between 60 and 300 TB memory, but if there is a desire, the volume can be increased to 1,200 TB.

The architecture allows for the scale of CCBs up to 144 nodes with a base of two 8-nuclear IntelXeonE5 v3 with a frequency of 2, 4 HHz for each. There are three controllers and a FlashEnclosure. With regard to this cluster, it consists of 12 separate modules of MicroLatency. Each capacity may be 1, 2, 9 and 5, 7 TB. IBMFlashCore provides a low delay of not more than 250 ms.

The model should use a medium or large business where there is a need to store and process large data sets, as well as the smooth operation of cloud applications and clouds themselves.

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