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Ученые разработали систему, в которой для хранения данных
Products and technologies Dell for data storage. Establish your own data-processing and storage infrastructure through our integrated data collection, consisting of the product line Dell Compellent, EqualLogic and PowerVault. Regardless of whether you need a data storage network (SAN), a web-based data storage system (NAS) that is directly connected to the data storage system (DAS) or other data storage systems, Dell Corporation provides exceptional simplicity, attractive value, high productivity and accessibility to its decisions.

Dell Compellent Storage Center is a reliable disk repository of automatic optimization data to improve the performance of the enterprise. The built-in computing functions improve the productivity of critical business applications and increase efficiency, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).
Data storage systems EqualLogic
Virtualized data storage systems of EqualLogic are the ideal option for rapidly growing companies and organizations. Without a single-ranging architecture of the EqualLogic storage systems, the micro programmes are upgraded and maintained promptly and without interruption of systems, as well as linear scales of capacity and productivity at each addition of the new storage facility.
Dell PowerVault storage systems
Optimized for small and medium-sized enterprises, subsidiaries and high-productivity calculations, Dell PowerVault basic data storage systems have been developed to create low-cost, directly connected data storage systems, including network (DAS, SAN and NAS), without compromising corporate capabilities and reliability. Data storage system PowerVault includes additional functions to create momental copies, copies of virtual disk and replication.
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