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Базовая схема хранилищBusiness continuity is an important challenge for all management systems. The failure of the corporate system, even for a few hours, could lead to huge losses.

The use of several different types of repository reduces the likelihood of system-wide failure at the same time, sharply reducing indirect and direct costs. Reducing direct costs is primarily related to the possibility of using cheaper archival data equipment. The decrease in indirect costs is due to the slower recovery of the system after the malfunction, by providing archival data from the SQL server repository, the speed of recovery and the speed of inclusion of users. The rest of the system may be re-established in the background mode. Once the critical mass of documents has been accumulated, the full recovery of several repositories occurs faster than the use of one repository by low probability of both denials and parallel recovery.

Model schemes for the organization of a single electronic document archive

Basic Classic Multimedia


The advantage of the basic storage scheme is simplicity. This scheme involves the storage of all documents in the SQL server repository and justifys itself until the critical volume of documents is accumulated.

The solution is recommended as an initial level and may be extended to the storage systems described below.


This scheme provides for two storage facilities: a SQL server operating facility and an archival file repository.

This solution allows for the operation of standard documents of up to 100 Mb and ensures a high speed of handling of documents in operational circulation at low storage costs and a virtually unrestricted archive of documents.


The need to deal with large volume documents (video, graph, maps, drawings, etc.) dictates its requirements for the document repository. In particular, there is a need for flux access to datathat is, the possibility of working only with a part of the document without considering it in its entirety.

Мультимедийная схема хранилищ Время восстановления системы

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