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SAFEDATA – непрерывность Вашего бизнеса

The " Storage of Danes " is a group of Safedata companies, which is the operator of the date-centre network. Since 2017, 100% of the shares have been owned by the Rostelcom.

In 2007-2010, the group built and commissioned the Moscow-I date centre, with the declared level of TIER 3, located at Moscow, the Ostipov pd, d.22. This date-centre meets the requirements of TIA-942 level 3 and falls within category Storage and Treatment Centres secure network infrastructure. The Centre is intended to serve clients with high requirements for the reliability of equipment, the capacity of communication channels and the protection of information.

The company provides a wide range of IT-resource accommodation and lease services (collocation, hosting, rental of dedicated and virtual servers, data storage and virtualization services, IaaaS and SaaS) and Internet access services.

"Rostelek" buys 49,9 percent SafeData for 2 billion roubles.

Rostelek announced in March that the board of directors approved an additional 49.9 per cent of the SafeData share. As a result of a transaction valued at 2,255 million roubles, the company will make its share of the SafeData group up to 100%.

According to the representatives of the telecommunications company, the attractiveness of the transaction relates to the possibility of gaining full control over the growing business at a price that does not take into account the potential of new forward-looking projects, including the construction of a mega-COD in Odomle.

With the completion of the transaction in 2015 with Rostelek, 49.9 per cent of the CCB shares remained with CCD-Invest. According to Contour-Focus (January 2015), this structure was fully owned by the Brennen Investmnets Cypriot offshore at that time. Its shareholders, according to Mnit Global, are three other offshores: Cyprus Texwood, and Bromley Enterprises and First Digital International from the British Virgin Islands.

Previously, Mikhail Margolin and Pavel Caplunov were the beneficiaries of Safedata in the media. In the early 2000s, they led a company called RTK-Lising, which supplied telecommunications equipment at Rostelek. Then Margolin and Caplunov set up Start-Telecom, later in the ICT group.

Rostelcom purchases 50.1 per cent of Safedata shares

In January 2015, the Board of Directors, Rostelcoma, approved the acquisition of the Safedata Unit (the legal person, Data Storage Centre, CCB), which provides data storage, content delivery and Internet exchange services. The transaction is planned in two phases: in the first one, Rostelcom purchases 5.4 per cent of CCB shares for 104 million roubles.

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