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Domestic Data Storage

Hpe storeeasy data storage system
Пять лучших сетевых файловых хранилищ для дома с функцией Wi-Fi
Decision Description
Synchronization and exchange of files at corporate level

Control the data that your employees exchange. With the inclusion of Microsoft web folders in the HPE StoreEasy storage system and an additional solution to synchronize Citrix ShareFile, users can always and everywhere secure access to locally stored IT data.

User of files

Make cooperation possible regardless of the building of the brandmower. The HPE StoreEasy storage system provides simple and, at the same time, technically complex, multi-pronged access to files through the SMB and NFS web files, so users can exchange files independently of the computer OX version.

Combination of household catalogue

Unify home catalogues to increase user capabilities by improving security and control in the system. HPE StoreEasy offers a wide range of functions, including folding, offline files, and user profile movements - all user data can now be stored in one place and not on different devices.

Compliance archiving

Maintain your data with ITernity Compliant Archive Software (iCAS). As a link between over 80 different business applications and the HPE StoreEasy storage system, iCAS prevents manipulation and disposal of data.

Microsoft Hyper-V

With Microsoft Hyper-V and data storage system HPE StoreEasy, you get a reliable and effective system for your virtualized environment. Through the optimized and integrated functions of the software, as well as the decisions of StoreEasy and Hyper-V, your environment will be able to adapt to rapidly changing business requirements.

Microsoft SQL Server

The HPE StoreEasy storage system improves the productivity and reliability of the SQL Server server. If your SQL Server database is located on the SMB 3.0 file in the StoreEasy storage system, you can use the total bandwidth of all network adapters and then move to the remaining in the event of a malfunction of one component.

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