Data Storage

Intermediate Data Storage


DataSync HTTP API is designed to synchronize these applications on different devices and platforms. API can synchronize, for example, user designs, open deposits, current status of games and other data.

Synchronization of data through the intermediate storage facility (after synchronization store) The synchronization store is located on the Yandex servers. It is used to store the current status of the annex as well as the history of all changes. The task of the developer is to synchronize the local data of the annex (data, for example, in the memory of the annex) with data from the synchronization store.

Reference to the synchronization facility is made through HTTP queries. With HTTP-methods, the customer application can download current data from the storage facility and maintain local data changes.

The working principle with API is consistent with the principle of working with version control systems. The current status of local data from the synchronization facility is required before changes are made. If the annex attempts to keep the changes in the storage facility without updating local data, a conflict situation may arise. The logic of conflict resolution must be considered by the developer.

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