Data Storage

Personal Data Storage

Status of user personal data storage and protection
оформить Положение о защите персональных данных сотрудников


on how to store and protect user personal data

1. Terms and definitions

The site is a pool of software and hardware for computers that produce publication
for the general vision of information and data combined with a general purpose,
by means of technical means used to link the computer on the Internet. Under
The Agreement refers to Site, on the Internet:

User is a user of the Internet and, in particular, Saita, who has his own personal
page (profil/account).

Federal Act (FZ) - Federal Act No. 152 of 27 July 2006 on Personal Act
data. "

Personal data - any information relevant directly or indirectly to a certain
or a designated individual (personal data).

Operator - organization, alone or in association with others
processing of personal data as well as defining personal data processing objectives,
to be processed, actions (operations) with personal data.
The Operator is Savitzka Valentine Mihailovich, Individual Entrepreneur,
registered at 3,00016, Tula, Ul. M. Mazai, d. 11, kv. 16.

Personal data processing - any action (operation) or set of actions
(operatives) by or without the use of automation equipment
Personal data collection, recording, systematization, stockpiling,
storage, clarification (renewal, modification), extraction, use, transfer
(distribution, provision, access), deficiency, blocking, removal, disposal
destruction of personal data.

Automated personal data processing - personal data processing
by means of computer equipment.

Personal data dissemination - Personal disclosure action
in cases of prior consent

Provision of personal data - actions aimed at disclosure of personal data
a particular person or a certain number of persons.

Location of personal data - suspension of personal processing
data (except where processing is necessary to clarify personal data

Destruction of personal data - Actions that make it impossible
Reinstate personal data content in the personal information system

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