Data Storage

Keeping Information Is

Оказывается, человеческий мозг может хранить петабайт информации

Storage of information - is a way to spread information in space and time.

The way the information is stored depends on its host (the book is the library, the painting is the museum, the photograph is album).

Main information repositories
For humansFor societyComputer stores
RememberLibrary, video, background, archives, patent offices, museums, painting galleryDatabases and data banks, information and search systems, electronic encyclopedias, medicaments

This process is as ancient as human civilization. Already in ancient times, a man has been faced with the need to store information: tree cuts to avoid being lost during hunting; stones, nodes; animal images and cave hunting episodes.

With the birth of writing, there was a special means of fixing and disseminating thought in space and in time. Documented information was provided, manuscripts and manuscripts, and information centres, ancient libraries and archives, have emerged. The written document has gradually become an instrument of government (instructions, orders, laws).

The second information scan was a bookprint. The information became stored in various printed publications with the greatest amount of information available to them, and they were sent to their storage sites (libraries, archives, etc.).

In human life, the process of long-term information storage plays a major role and is constantly being improved.

When the amount of information accumulated increases so that it becomes simply impossible to store in memory, a person begins to use various kinds of books, indexes, etc.

Different information requires different storage time:

  • Travel tickets should be kept only during travel;
  • Television programme is the current week;
  • School diary is a school year;
  • A certificate of maturity for the rest of life;
  • Historical documents are for centuries.
The computer is designed for compact storage of information with rapid access.

The storage of very large amounts of information is justified only if the necessary information can be searched quickly enough to obtain information in accessible form.

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