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Глава 1 Представление информации в ЭВМ / Основы информатики Information plays a crucial role in any area of activity. A modern man has access to countless information, concepts and facts. This situation raises the question: Where do you keep the necessary materials with easy access to them? There are different types of hosts for this purpose.

The storage of information shall be done by means of a record on the media and the information reservoirs. The data collector may be any material used by a person to record, store, read and transmit information (e.g. books, disks, photos, flash cards, cloud stores, etc.). Storage devices are considered to be stored and supplemented.

There is a lot today. of informationwith their pros and cons.

The basement stores allow us to access the necessary information from a lot of devices that have access to the Internet, which means the breakdown or loss of the gadget will not deprive us of it. But to use a cloud repository, we need permanent Internet access. In addition, confidential data contained in it can be obtained by malicious men.

Transmitted electronic media provide access to the data stored on them when a reader is available, but in most cases there is little protection against loss or damage.

There are also paper carriers who do not need a reader, because they can be read independently. But they also have minus. The paper occupies many places and less mobile than the electronic document, and it is difficult to edit its contents.

Information-related technologies are now rapidly evolving and, together with them, they are making progress in their storage facilities. Every man can choose a convenient way.

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