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Вечное хранение данных продемонстрировано в наноструктурированном

Valuable books, works of art, copies of films and all possible documents will find a secure and durable peace in the underground bunker near the North Pole. According to the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, the archives of different countries (now Brazil and Mexico are already involved in the project in addition to Norway) will be located in an abandoned coal mine near the town of Svalbard, the centre of business, tourism and scientific life of the Spitzbergen.

The most interesting thing about this project is that the digital data will be stored on analogs. I mean, on the tape. There are many reasons for this: for example, future researchers will not need to reconstruct and model devices and software, modern times of file creation. Copies on the tape are not available for hackers.

According to the founder of the Norwegian company Piql Rune Bierkestrand, a film that has been used for photographic, film and sound recording for almost 150 years is one of the safest information sources available to mankind.

Repository organizers confirm that the data on the film will remain readable for 500 to 1,000 years, while the service life of modern hard drives is about 10 years, after which the files need to be moved, rewritten, etc.

The idea of the vulnerability of the modern digital world is described in fantastic literature and implemented in a number of films. The Plenipotentiary Architects promise that they will retain their data safer, as the conditions of perpetuity are protected against technogenic and natural disasters.

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