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Network data storage system
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The data network (NAS) is the IP-protocol file sharing device connected to the local network. NAS serves clients and IP servers. NAS uses its own operating system, as well as integrated hardware and software components, to ensure compliance with file services.

The data storage network ensures the consolidation of servers, excluding the need to use several file servers, and the consolidation of CCBs through access to and sharing of data at the file level. NAS usually uses multiple protocols to perform filling and storage functions. The protocols include TCP/IP for data transmission, SMB (CIFS) and NFS for remote file services, as well as NFS, SMB and FTP for data sharing.

Who and for what purpose is using a web-based data storage system

Organizations working in a wide range of industries use online data storage system (NAS) for the following purposes.

  • Consolidation of server infrastructure and storage systems
  • Optimizing data access and general access to files in diverse client and server environments
  • Management and efficiency improvements
  • Increased scale
  • Improving data security

How the online data storage system works

NAS is an open computer system whose storage capacity is connected to a network that provides other devices on a file-level data storage network. NAS uses standard file protocols, such as SMB (server mail) and NFS (net file system) to provide Microsoft Windows, Linux and UNIX access to IP-net files, file systems and databases.

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