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Network Data Storage System

Network data storage systems cisco ns storage
Сетевые системы хранения данных DotHill DH 2722

American Cisco Systems provides corporate users with a new generation of online data storage systems using innovative intellectual technologies. In an effort to continuously improve the quality and productivity of the equipment produced, business professionals find optimum solutions for each of the areas of business, offering irrevocable and reliable Cisco NSS Smart Storage (systems) Data storage Cisco) protected against any unauthorized action and without concern about the loss of data important to the company.

The distinct feature of Cisco NSS322 Smart Storage System online data storage systems is not only secure, but also a high-speed replica. In principle, any operations carried out by the system demonstrate remarkable productivity, thereby significantly reducing the time spent on operations. In addition, this intensive mode of operation allows simultaneous access to the device from different users. This condition provides unlimited opportunities for joint work on various projects, which allows for the best possible organization of the large office and its interaction with affiliates.

With regard to the security of data storage in the system, there is a need to note the possibility of rapid backup. Any changes made to the base shall be immediately recorded and stored. Thus, the principle of flexible and full protection is being implemented, when any failure in the operation of the equipment does not result in the loss of even a small amount of information, and information will be fully restored in record time.

And another important dignity of Cisco NSS3100 is the data encryption system that makes them unavailable for reading and processing by persons who do not have access to company databases. With regard to the conditions of access for users, it is worth noting an intuitive understandable facility management interface and a simplified construction system that allows for rapid adaptation of equipment to specific operating conditions, changing the range of requested options and functions at its discretion.

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