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O san (storage area network) on the fingers of the sandbox

imageSAN has faced a certain obstacle in learning, the difficulty of accessing basic information. It is easier to study other infrastructure products that have been encountered - there are pilot versions of the software, the possibility of establishing them in a virtual car, a bunch of textbooks, guidebooks and blogs on the subject. Cisco and Microsoft have very good books, MS has, in addition, furiously and furiously combed his adhesive black box called technet, even VMware has a book, even though one (and even one in Russian) and about 100 per cent of the CPA. Information from seminars, marketing activities and documents, forums can be obtained by data storage devices themselves. The storage network is silent and dead with cos. I found two books, but I didn't decide to buy. It's Storage Area Networks For Dummies. Very amicable English-speaking hygienics in the target audience, apparently, for one and a half thousand roubles and "Distributed Storage Networks: Architecture, Protocols and Management" seem safer, but 8,200r at a discount of 40 per cent. Together with this book, Ozon also recommends a book entitled " Bricks ' Art " .

To advise a man who decides from scratch to study at least the theory of a data storage network, I don't know. The practice has shown that even costly courses can provide zero. People in SAN are divided into three categories: those who do not know what it is, who know what the phenomenon is, and those who, on the question of " why do two or more factories in storage " , look at such a misunderstanding that they were asked for something like " why a square of four corners? " .

I'll try to fill the gap I needed to describe the base and describe it. I'll consider SAN on the basis of her class protocol, Fibre Channel.

So, SAN-- Storage Area Network - is designed to consolidate the disk space of servers on dedicated disk repositories. The point is that such disk resources are more economically used, managed and more productive. And in the area of virtualization and clustering, when several servers need access to one disk space like that. data storage system It's an irreplaceable thing.

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