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Стоит ли хранить изображения в БДI've often been asked about, where it is better to store images in the database or in the form of regular filesAnd the way to keep it in the database. Of course, 100 per cent of the unambiguous response does not exist, but I will set out my vision in this article.

In my view, the advantage of keeping images in the database is only one: no contradiction. For example, you've made some kind of recording in a table that has a way to portray. And then this image was accidentally removed, and the record was no longer imaging, although it still has a way. This lack of storage of images in the database avoids.

Now we'll figure it out. minus storage of OBD images:

  • The image is in. BLOBAnd this is a set of bikes. And for this set of bikes to show the user the image, you're gonna have to sweat the same header.
  • The images are sufficiently drastic to extract the task not from the lungs for the always limited memory of the server.
  • The file system is locked up with the files, so it'll work much faster on the same image than MySQL will extract it from the table, and then you'll still make a picture of the bikes.

From all this, my answer to the question is worthless. Keep it in the form of regular files, and keep it in your way. Database

  • Mikhail Rusak

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