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Annex smart switch from samsung
Как подключить Андроид к компьютеру по USB?

Simple data transfer from one mobile device to another (Smart Switch)

Move the data from the old device quickly and easily to the new Galaxy device.
There are two versions of Smart Switch: for computers (Smart Switch) and for mobile devices (Smart Switch Mobile).

Annex Smart Switch Mobile
from Samsung

Set Smart Switch Mobile on the device.
Prior to data exchange between Galaxy devices
There's only a few touches left.

Loading of the annex

Load Smart Switch Mobile from GALAXY Apps or Google Play.
Just put Smart Switch in the search line for any of these application stores.

One cliff connection

Annex Smart Switch Mobile allows easy data exchange between Galaxy devices.
Place the devices close (at 20 cm distance) and release the annex on both. Then, on the old device, select the [Android] - [Puscus] - [Exception].
As a result, personal data will be transferred from the old Galaxy device to a new one connected to it.

Support for various functions

Personal data may be sent (contacts, schedules, messages and memoranda), multimedia and other data (preventions, Wi-Fi constructions, magazine, etc.).

Backup, recovery and synchronization of data, as well as
Updating the software is now all possible in one place.
Meet the new version of Smart Switch! Updated menu even more
facilitate the use of the annex.

Rapid connectivity and instant data transmission

Start an application Smart Switch on the computer and connect a new device Samsung with a USB cab.
Smart Switch recognizes the data on the old device and starts moving them to new ones.

Simple backup and data recovery

Use the new backup and data recovery functions in Annex Smart Switch.
These functions allow for the creation of backup copies of any computer data and easy to recover without resorting to complex structures.

♪ New backup and recovery functions can also easily move personal data (contacts, schedules, notes, messages and call logs), photographs, videos, warnings, mortgages and various constructions.

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