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After deactivation of usb, data storage and other or reconnection of the same
Проблемы подключения по USB - 4PDA Users who are allowed access at the USB-port interface (USB port) and the type of Removable can access their USB information storage devices once during the user session. Once the device has been disconnected and another or the same USB device has been switched off, Windows cannot recognize the 'new' device. The device is missing from my computer's system folder, losing access to both this and any other USB device. Data storage (USB storage device) during user session. The Dispatch of the Devices (Device Manager) shows the following erroneous report, marked by the inclination sign 'Windows, cannot download the diver of the device for the equipment, as the previous version of the device is still in memory. (Code 38)'


This well-known problem caused by the deloading driver has been solved in DeviceLock


Update DeviceLock to the latest version (at least until version

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