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Пластиковые картыThe legal holder of the AFP Image caption in the Roskonnadzor asserts that the new law will not take away from the Russians the possibility of purchasing on the Internet.

The law obliging the preservation of the personal data of Russians on servers in Russia entered into force on 1 September.

Internet operators are now required to " record, systematize, stockpiling, storage, clarification (renewal, modification), extraction of personal data from citizens of the Russian Federation " . databasessituated in the territory of the Russian Federation."

The only exception was for foreign airline reservation systems, which could still store the personal data of Russians abroad. Foreign booking systems use all Russian airline sellers.

The law gives a broad definition of personal data - any information relating directly or indirectly to a certain or defined individual. Although the data of the Russians should be physically located on servers located at the dates-centres in Russia, they can be copied abroad.

The document was signed by President Putin last July, but the date of its entry into force has changed several times: Russian legislators wanted the rule to be operational as soon as possible, and industry representatives cited the inability to prepare infrastructure in a short time.

News have been criticized both in Russia and abroad: fears have been expressed that foreign social networks, internet shops, cloud services and reservation systems will not be able to operate in Russia.

Samsung, AliExpress, eBay, and other major companies have already begun to localize personal data in Russia, and Aleksandr Jarov, head of the Roscoe Surveillance.

At the same time, according to the media at the end of August, Facebook representatives in negotiations with the Roskondsor set up the department before the fact that they did not consider it necessary to post data from Russian users on servers in Russia, which is not economically beneficial to the company.

Later, the spokesperson for the Roskundzor, Vadim Ampeloneski, said that at a meeting with representatives of the social media, there had been no denial of the law and said that Facebook was not in danger in 2015.

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