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Rules For The Storage And Use Of Personal Data Of Employees

Do zh employees have the right to use personal data?

Имеют ли право работники ЖКХ использовать персональные данные?The personal data of the Russians should be protected. Federal law 152 stipulates that measures are necessary in case of uneven or accidental access to them. The same law obliges the protection of personal data from destruction, alteration, blocking and dissemination.

We note that the law came out on 27 July 2006. It's called personal data. It is in this regard that we all periodically sign consent for processing. Personal data At work, school, kindergarten, clinics and other institutions. Including in the housing and utilities sector. Otherwise, they tell us, there's no way to work.

In order to begin by explaining that personal data can be any information about anyone. Personal data are divided into several groups. One information on nationality and beliefs is religious, philosophical or political. This includes information on health and personal life. The second group comprises biological or physiological characteristics. Well, almost everyone understands that fingerprints are personal data, and the picture doesn't make any sense.

The third group includes public information. And the fourth is the data that did not fall into the above categories.

Collect personal data and process them usually by public authorities and local government. Legal and physical persons may do so, either alone or with others.

In the area of LUCF, personal data operators and service providers, resource-providing organizations, TSW, FSK, information and accounting centres, capital maintenance fund.

Personal data can be processed only with the written consent of the person. The option of consent in the form of an electronic document signed by an electronic signature is still possible.

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