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Storage And Use Of Personal Data

Personal data processing policy for applicants
Кадры - Трудовое право - Электронный учет рабочего времени и

This policy includes provisions on the procedures and objectives for the collection, use, processing, storage, distribution (transfer) and removal of personal data of prospectors, provisions for the protection of personal data of prospectors. The policy explains how personal data can be examined, updated, adjusted or removed when necessary.

  • any action concerning the Personal datawhich are necessary or desirable to achieve the above objectives, including, without limitation: collection, systematization, stockpiling, storage, clarification (renewal, modification), use, dissemination (including transfer to potential employers), denomination, blocking, destruction of personal data, and any other action with personal data;
  • For requests to other organizations, including at previous duty stations, for clarification or further information on the applicant;
  • to keep your summary on the company ' s staffing reserve indefinitely.

Arrangements for holding the summary

AlternativaPlatform will not store personal data longer than necessary for data processing. The executive summary may be retained in the company ' s staffing reserve for an indefinite period.

Access, updating and removal of personal data from the Summary

Please indicate your name, e-mail address, with your Summary. The request will be completed within a period not exceeding 15 (15) working days from the date of receipt of the request.

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