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1.1. The provision of the necessary and sufficient information security, including personal data, is a critical condition for the implementation of the objectives of the GS " Offset Prince M. " or the Operator.

1.2. The Personal Data Processing Policy of the GS " Offset Print M. " (hereinafter the Regulation) defines the collection, storage, transfer and other processing of personal data at the GS " Ofset Print M. " , as well as information on current requirements for the protection of personal data

1.3. The policy has been developed in accordance with existing legislation of the Russian Federation.

2. Composition of personal data

2.1. Any information relating directly or indirectly to a particular or designated individual (personal data). A detailed list of personal data is defined by this local GS-O-Ofset Print M. regulation.

2.2. All personal data processed by GS-Ofset Print M. are confidential, strictly protected information under the law.

3. Personal data processing objectives

3.1. Personal data are processed by Ofsett Print M. for the purpose of processing labour and other contractual relationships, personnel, accounting, tax records, again provided for in article 22 of the Federal Act No. 152-FZ, 85-90 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation, and for the organization and conduct of the Ofsett M. Act, etc.

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