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Putin signed a law prohibiting the storage of personal data of Russians abroad
Принят закон о запрете хранения данных россиян на зарубежных

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has signed a law obliging Russian citizens to retain their personal data only in Russia. This is reported on the legal information portal.

In the second and third (final) reading, the bill was adopted by the State on 4 July 2014 and approved by the Federation Council on 9 July.

The Act amends personal data and information technology and information protection laws.

In particular, the Personal Data Act is supplemented by article: " When compiling personal data, including through the information and telecommunications network, the operator is obliged to record, systematize, stockpiling, storage, clarification, extraction of personal data from citizens of the Russian Federation in databases located in the territory of the Russian Federation " .

The Act gives the Roscoe Surveillance the power to require communication operators to restrict access to Internet resources that do not guarantee storage of personal data within the country.

Constantine Trapaidze, President of the Moscow Bar Association, “Washa Legally Sovereign”, has previously stated that the only way to enforce this law with respect to foreign Internet companies, such as Google or Facebook, is to block access to their services in Russia. There is no other way to force them to comply with the law because these companies are outside Russian jurisdiction.

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