Data Storage

Storage Sites For Personal Material Carriers

Confidentiality and processing of personal data
Обработка персональных данных

We maintain the identifiable information coming from you in connection with the site, such as filling out forms of communications, applications and subscriptions to news. Such data may include: name, telephone, e-mail address. At the time of the gathering of information, we notify you under what circumstances your data can be kept by us until they are removed from our bases. At your request, information may be removed at any time. Information on visitors to the site (IP address, domain name, type of browser and operating system, date and time of visit, etc.) obtained through cookies may be collected for the purpose of registering visits. This information is publicly available, so we are not responsible for its disclosure.

The purpose of obtaining personal information from the user?

These data can be used to answer your technical support questions, to process your partnership application, to send you news and information on the shares, novels and services of our company. We don't have a form of registration on the website, and we don't need personal data to access the site, because we only provide access to partners.
With your consent to the news, you will receive them at least four times a month.

Defused data can be used to improve the quality of services and to examine the needs of visitors.

Your acceptance of the company's mailing is voluntary, and you may at any time change your choice or refuse to receive the above information. Below, we'll tell you how to do it.

Storage, transfer and other processing of personal data

Processing of personal data in two ways:

- Without the use of automation equipment, it shall be carried out in such a way that, for each personal data category, personal data storage locations (materials) can be identified;

- Processed using automated systems (subscription information on company news) and stored in company website databases. Every user can control his own information.

The company lists individuals who process or have access to personal data. Separate storage of personal data (material carriers) processed for various purposes. The operator protects personal data and takes measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal data.

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