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Dell compellent storage center for virtualized data processing centres and cloud systems
Корпоративные системы хранения данных | КомпьютерПресс

Dell compellent equipment is designed for companies of different formats whose environment is characterized by high virtualization. In its case, a universal disk array is available to users to store and process information. The system is based on a flexible structure that allows data to be transferred between storage levels. The distribution is based on the priority given to the information requested. Equipment is continuously improving, and large scale opportunities improve functionality, capacity and capacity. As a result, owners receive modern infrastructure where Data storage In accordance with the latest requirements, failure to resist makes it possible to use the device in the most complex environments.

System storage advantages

  • Massives dell compellent have built-in intellectual management of IDM. Within it, most tasks are performed automatically.
  • Such a mechanism allows flexibility to respond to various changes, avoid human errors, save professional services.
  • In total, storage costs are reduced by 80 per cent, with trends indicating clearly that the figure will be higher in the future.
  • The equipment is compatible with the latest developments of the manufacturer, with the information being transported in a non-chemical way.
  • The user always has full access to the system by controlling the most important processes, including commercial applications.
  • In the case of these equipment, specialists note a successful combination of productivity and prices when the owner has a wide-ranging function to work with all types of information.

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