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Choices: Predition before the west or phobia of importation
Выбор системы хранения данных HP - модели, комплеткующие для схд

On 1 January 2016, a ban was imposed on the purchase of foreign software for public and municipal institutions. The new law provided advantages to Russian IT products in the National MEM Register. Like any protectionist measure, the law on importation has generated mixed reactions in both Russian IT and end-users of programme products and services.

Some segments of similarities do not really have foreign solutions. State IT services have to justify the choice of a non-alternative foreign solution, which leads to hens. For example, the Government of Moscow has recently tendered for a decision on virtualization. The choice in this case is small and sufficiently clear - the product from VMWare, but it cannot be assumed that it is not in the import substitution register, nor is the decisions of Parallels - companies with Russian roots. In order to justify its non-patriotic choice of State structure, it is necessary to look into the register, find a category (and the category in the register of extremely large numbers), write out all the products presented therein and explain why each of them does not meet the criteria.

As a result, the " tender " , for example, involved the e-learning system, the legal documentation system and the decision for the management of data storage systems (CCS) RAIDIX, which received the largest number of " balls " but, for understandable reasons, was " not " . In the remaining products, the functions of virtualization were " undocumented " .

The results are not surprising and compelling only to sympathize with State institutions that have to spend time on absurd acts. Nevertheless, there are areas where Russian software products compete successfully with Western analogs. One such area is data storage systems. The same RAIDIX product is an example of successful imports with thousands of introductions in Russia and abroad. Why is IT managers not rushing to trust the Russian CD?

It is no secret that many experts are sceptical of the new law, waiting for the lavin of " importable " projects to replace foreign sildics with domestic ones. Indeed, such decisions have not slowed down, in the Russian IT market as a whole and in the system segment. Data storage In particular. In an effort to narrow the scope of the import substitution programme, such CDs have gradually undermined confidence in authentic Russian developments.

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