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CIO, IT directors, business development directors, Project Managers, Project Managers and Specialists of IT units and services, communications, weak enterprise systems responsible for establishing and operating IT resources of the organization. Companies facing the task of modernizing and/or establishing data storage and processing systems.

Space is virtual, information is real. "Monitor"

Virtualization was not new and was introduced by IBM in the 1960s. Virtualization is a proven software technology that quickly transforms the IT infrastructure and radically changes the way users and computers interact. The virtualization of servers, the virtualization of applications, the virtualization of submissions, the virtualization of the operational system.

Modified business conditions and reduced operational budgets of companies increase the importance of using virtualization technologies. Studies show that, prior to the crisis, interest in virtualization was 3 points on the 5-word scale. Now, virtualization technologies have become a major initiative to reduce the cost of exploitation. The benefits of virtualization are reduced costs of equipment, software, maintenance, electricity, increased infrastructure flexibility, increased resilience.

Analysts say that the first cloud products and solutions appeared on the world market at the beginning of 2008, but most companies have still not decided to move on, assessing their safety, scope and compatibility with previous products. Today, the subject of cloud-based technologies, data-processing technologies, where computer resources and capacities are made available to the user as an Internet service, is well discussed. The user has access to his own data, but cannot manage or take care of the infrastructure, the operating system and the software he works with. Common calculations are increasingly being introduced into company business processes. There are opportunities to develop and implement their own business applications in private and public cloud environments. This reduces costs substantially and becomes a competitive advantage. Many analysts predict a boom of business process integration into cloud technology. Professionals predict that cloud calculations will change the entire information technology market over the next five to seven years and will give impetus to further development of IT procedures.

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