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Система хранения баз данных — система хранения VDI на базе массива

Generally, design, deployment and maintenance of the conventional storage system requires careful planning to meet productivity and capacity requirements. The database storage facility is a storage flash system with a unique data-protection technology that allows for a storage system with optimal capacity and productivity.

Database Administrators (OBD) are constantly seeking to strike a balance between the need for additional copies of databases and the negative impact that simple copies have on production workloads. The database warehouse excludes this negative influence and enables OBD administrators to produce copies as necessary in accordance with business needs.

The next generation database platforms offer complex tasks that have not been addressed through the management systems of the relay databases (such as the processing of unstructured data and objective-oriented architecture). The database storage facility is addressing these challenges by proposing a horizontally scaled architecture that consolidates non-productive and productive environments to accelerate the development of applications.

How does the database repository work?

Base storage data used Maintenance address and unique data protection technology, as well as reliable eMLC disk. The database warehouse provides a platform that can achieve an optimal balance of productivity and capacity for the production environment and reprofiled copies of databases.

Data management services for the summer and detailed metadata in the database repository can quickly and simply provide additional copies of databases. These operations have no negative impact on production workloads and do not require additional physical storage resources.

Soon resource allocation and uninterrupted expansion reduce storage resources to support the growing data sets in consolidated infrastructure.

What's the advantage of the database repository?

The database store provides response time for less than a milliseconds and the high productivity of the applications, slows the growth of data volumes by rapidly reducing data volumes and provides a horizontally scaled architecture.

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