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Hp Msa 2040 Data Storage System

Hpe msa 2040 storage system for san network
Дисковые системы хранения данных — FORTELECOM

Modern data storage systems for servers should be low-cost, productive and have a wider range of opportunities. The new generation of HPE MSA 2040 reverts to a new level of productivity, providing a secure common storage facility and non-recurrent data protection for customers using HPE ProLiant servers. They reduce the total cost of possession and significantly increase the efficiency of backup by using solid storage devices, instant images and volume copies, as well as replication and self-cryption (SED). MSA 2040 is positioned as high-efficiency systems designed to increase productivity in environments where consolidation and virtualization are carried out. MSA 2040 systems provide high productivity through the new controller architecture with a new processor, four ports and four GBNs for each controller, as well as the use of solid reservoirs. The MSA 2040 standard set includes a licence for 64 instant images and copies of volumes for better data protection. Additional Remote Snap (FC only or iSCSI) may be used to replicate data between masses.

New opportunities

  • Two new discs are presented: a rigid corporate level HPE MSA 900 Gbite, SAS 12 Gbit/s, 15,000 /min, small de facto form and HPE MSA 4 TBayth, SAS 12 Gbite/s, 7200 /min, small de facto form, MDL-SED.

Simple. Flexible architecture. It's a good set. Management simplicity

Choose a configuration that is best suited to infrastructure requirements: FC 8 or 16 Gbit/s, iSCSI 1 Gbit/s or 10GbE, SAS 12 Gbit/s.

Deployment with one or two counterparts depending on accessibility and budgetary constraints.

Samples are available for large or small-scale discs - high-produced solids, corporate class SAS discs or mid-level, self-coded discs (SED), depending on the application, productivity and budget.

The built-in construction and management tools for MSA provide a convenient management function for IT specialists, the administration of HPE ProLiant and BladeSystem systems.

High speed. MSA 2040 sets new standards for the price and quantity of entry-offs to SAN at the primary level, which is 3 to 4 times higher than the competitors.

The new high-produced SAN and SAS convergent networks provide a 4 times greater output than other modern SAN primary level.

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