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Modern Data Storage Systems

Современные системы хранения данных. Часть 3 -

In today ' s world, the volume of data processed is rapidly increasing.

They need to be effectively stored and accessed quickly and conveniently.

There are many solutions in this area in the market, but in order to properly select and build a data storage system, there is a need for serious competence in this area.

Otherwise, the system may be either excessive in volume (when not more than 50 per cent of its capacity is used in reality) or insufficient in the growth of the data (the system ' s growth is difficult), or access to it is not optimized (data extraction takes a long time).

Our company offers solutions based on the systems of leading world producers - leaders in the field Data storage♪ Assess the benefits of these systems, find out how to properly design a data storage system that meets your needs!


A complete cycle of storage of information from speed of systems to backup systems on tape. IBM ' s information management decisions enable clients to keep up with developing analysts, large data processing and cloud deployment trends. To help store information and find new ideas in giant data volumes, IBM proposes improvements to software-designated repositories called Elastic Storage (US) and IBM SAN Volume Controller, along with the new TS1150 (US) ribbon, as well as improvements to IBM Storwize web, FlashSystemTM V840 and DS88 The proper storage infrastructure improves the economic aspects of data processing and ensures the success of business.



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