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Large data storage technologies

Large data begin with major problems caused by the need to store and access data sets, and new solutions are found to be needed both at the level of storage systems architecture (cover storage and reservoirs distributed) and at the physical level. Now. Data storage Discs (Hard Disk Drive, HDD), optical disks (Optical Disk Drive, ODD), solid reservoirs (Solid State Drive, SSD) and magnetic tapes.Рис. 1. Диск BPM The previous two-tier schema of SAS, SATA and the ribbon is outdated - new technical solutions are required today. The NAND flash-point and the three-level transition were the first steps in this direction.


To date, 70 to 80 per cent of all data in the world are HDD, whose capacity is growing mainly through increased storage density, an annual increase of 40 per cent. In addition, there are a number of areas for improvement of HDD quality - for example, the IDRC canal technology (Iterative Detection Read Channel) is being proposed to improve the noise ratio, and data transfer techniques are being developed using corrective codes that have been upgraded in head drives.

Рис. 2. Запись с энергетической поддержкой (метод HAMR) Рис. 3. Расположение треков в SRM

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