Data Storage

Data Storage Area

Data storage in the cloud
Своё облако для хранения данных под FreeBSD

The necessary storage resources are available in the wet area, which will save the purchase, installation and support of IT equipment and specialized software.

The protection of data from unauthorized access, the means of information security and the separation of access enunciated in the cloud architecture, as well as the set of organizational measures and operating regulations of Anlanta, provide the highest level of security for data posted in the area.

Rapid access Disk space is subject to system-based solutions IBM data storageHitachi and Netapp

Reliable storage at the high level of reserve of data storage infrastructure and cloud infrastructure in the territorially dispersed TIERIII CODs.

Technical solutions in architecture provide backup and automatic recovery in case of malfunctions.

High real accessibility: access to your data is available at any time in 24x7. SLA 99.9 per cent of the cloud is integrated into three parameters: access to servers, CCBs and networks.

Annalanta is financially responsible for safe and secure storage, as well as the availability of the customer ' s data in accordance with the contract and SLA.

  • To order the necessary resources, you'll need to send a request.
  • Inventa engineers will provide the necessary pool of resources, capacity and accessibility, and backup of data

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